5.7% Acceptance

In this lab, your task is to understand and implement string concatenation in Solidity.

You will be creating a function named concatenate (). This function will perform the following operations:

Function: concatenate ()


This function is designed to concatenate two strings.


  • string 1: The first string.
  • string 2: The second string.


It will return a single string that is the result of concatenating string 1 with string 2.


This function will take string 1 and string 2 as arguments. It will then concatenate string 1 and string 2 together, creating a single string. This newly formed concatenated string will then be returned by the function.

Make sure to correctly handle the data types and ensure the function is publicly accessible so that it can be called outside the contract.

Remember, in Solidity, string concatenation might not be as straightforward as it is in other high-level languages, but with the right approach, you will achieve the desired output. You can do this! Happy coding!