Stream Transform Lab

12.5% Acceptance

In this lab, you will learn how to implement and use a custom Stream Transform in Node.js. Stream Transform is a type of duplex stream that can read, process, and write data. You will create a custom transform stream that takes a string as input and performs a specific operation on it before outputting the result. This lab will help you understand the internals and APIs of streams in Node.js, particularly the Transform Stream, and get hands-on experience in implementing and using a custom Stream Transform.

In this lab, you will be expected to create a custom Transform stream that takes input data (strings), capitalizes each word in the string, and writes the transformed data to the output. You will also work with file streams to read and write data from files.

Any helpful information about working with Stream Transforms, duplex streams, and examples of how they can be implemented goes here


  1. Implement a custom Stream Transform
  2. Capitalize each word in the input stream
  3. Export the custom Stream Transform
  4. Read data from a file using a Readable stream
  5. Write transformed data to a file using a Writable stream