Handling Stream Errors in Node.js

20.0% Acceptance

In this lab, you will learn how to handle errors in streams while working with Node.js. Streams are an essential way of handling data in chunks when reading from or writing into processes, files, or network connections. Handling errors correctly in streams is crucial to ensure data integrity and avoid application crashes due to unhandled exceptions.

Throughout this lab, we will explore different types of streams, such as readable, writable, and transform streams, and understand how to handle errors in each scenario.

Concepts covered

  • Readable streams
  • Writable streams
  • Transform streams
  • Error handling in streams


  1. Create a readable stream and handle its errors
  2. Implement a writable stream with error handling
  3. Build a transform stream with error handling
  4. Use pipeline to handle errors in a data flow consisting of multiple streams
  5. Handle errors in a stream.finished function