Styled Button

59.1% Acceptance

Create a component called App that renders a button with the text Click me!.

The button should have the following styles:

  • A solid blue background color
  • A white text color
  • A font size of 16px
  • A padding of 10px 20px height and width respectively
  • A border-radius of 5px
  • A cursor type of pointer
  • A hover effect that changes the background color to light blue and the text color to black



  • You can use styled-components, in-line css, App.css file or any other library to achieve the desired result
  • Your component should return just one button JSX element
  • The button should contain string Click me!

Make sure that you copy paste button text, to match it exactly. All the tests are based on the text written in button. Make sure to avoid any extra spaces in the button text