Find the Distance Value Between Two Arrays

29.3% Acceptance

In this lab, your task is to implement the findTheDistanceValue(arr1, arr2, d) function. The function takes three inputs:

  • Two integer arrays: arr1 and arr2
  • An integer: d

The function should return the distance value between the two arrays as defined below.

Function Definition

The distance value is the number of elements arr1[i] such that there is not any element arr2[j] where the absolute difference |arr1[i] - arr2[j]| is less than or equal to d.

function findTheDistanceValue(arr1, arr2, d) { // Your implementation here }


Here are some examples to illustrate the function’s behavior:

  • findTheDistanceValue([4,5,8], [10,9,1,8], 2) will output 2.
  • findTheDistanceValue([1,4,2,3], [-4,-3,6,10,20,30], 3) will output 2.
  • findTheDistanceValue([2,1,100,3], [-5,-2,10,-3,7], 6) will output 1.

Detailed Explanation

Consider the first example findTheDistanceValue([4, 5, 8], [10, 9, 1, 8], 2). In this case, you are comparing each element of arr1 with every element of arr2 and checking if the absolute difference between them is greater than d. If the absolute difference is greater for all elements of arr2, then you count that element in the "distance value".

For arr1[0] = 4, the absolute differences with elements of arr2 are: [6, 5, 3, 4]. All of these are greater than d = 2, so arr1[0] is counted.

In total, 2 elements from arr1 satisfy the condition, so the output is 2.


  • 1 <= arr1.length, arr2.length <= 500
  • -1000 <= arr1[i], arr2[j] <= 1000
  • 0 <= d <= 100


To succeed in this lab, you will need to:

  1. Implement the findTheDistanceValue function.
  2. Export the findTheDistanceValue function following the ESM import/export syntax.

Ensure that your code is correct and bug-free. Your solution will be run against an evaluation script, so make sure you have followed the instructions accurately.

Good luck!