Fullstack MasterclassBecome an employablefull stack web developer.

Most courses don't make you employable. Learning + practice + projects do.

Course curriculum

The step-by-step system to learn full stack web development.

Learn the most advanced full stack development frameworks in a fun and practical way.

Learning Framework

Learn. Practice. Apply.

Each course follows a proven learning methodology that focuses on getting you to take action.


1. Learn

2. Practice

3. Apply


Learn full stack web development in-depth and with a structured approach.

Interactive Lessons

Research has shown that interactive lessons help you retain information better. That's why our courses use an interactive format with labs and quizzes with a more organized and educational approach.

Full Stack Principles

You'll learn and remember the most important full stack principles, so you know how to apply them to your projects.

Lessons Summaries

We've already distilled the main points of each course to help you learn without having to stress about note-taking. You'll be able to quickly revisit key concepts from any lesson at any time.

Additional Resources

Go further and deep-dive into specific lesson topics. We curated a list of our favorite full stack checklist, cheatsheets, roadmaps and videos for each lesson so you can explore and dig deeper.

Bonus Tools

…plus some nifty tools to make your daily work easier.

We give you practical tools to help you apply what you learn even after you graduate.

Global Community

Stuck somewhere? Drop a question and get your query resolved.

One-Pager Roadmap

We fitted the whole learning path in just one sheet of paper so you can quickly review the most important concepts at a single glance.

D.I.Y. Projects

Projects offer a practical and hands-on approach to reinforce what you've learnt on Codedamn. Build a wide range of projects to hone your development skills.


This isn't about showing off. It's about signaling that you are a lifelong learner, determined to upskill yourself.

How it works

Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

1. Start today (or when you can)

As soon as you join, you can start learning new full stack technologies to improve your skills. Busy now? No stress, you can start the path whenever you have more time.

2. Complete 1 module per week

Complete the path in 15 weeks at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. Once done, take the final exam to earn your certificate. Don't worry. We'll nudge you if you fall behind.

3. Get lifetime access

We keep the path up-to-date with content updated every week. Get access to new content in path, for free. You can come back whenever you need and review the path.

“ …codedamn is totally amazing. Even quality of the content is unmatchable…”

I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture + playground to code is difficult to find.

But codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective. Even quality of contents is unmatchable and helped me many times in understanding full stack courses concept in depth.

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Full Stack Developer

Lead instructor

Let me show you the best way to become full stack developer.

👋 Hi, I'm Mehul... I've:

  • 👥 Spent 10 years learning and teaching programming
  • 📈 Authored two books, won the fully funded Apple WWDC'19 scholarship and earned my name in Google & Microsoft Hall of Fame
  • 🌎 Created a platform that helps 100K+ developers to learn programming interactively and become job-ready

This learning path has been curated to help people like you sharpen your skills and become job-ready by learning to program interactively.

Transform and become the best programmer.
Because if not now, when?

Mehul Mohan

Q: “Is this course for me?”

This program is NOT for you if…

You have a lot of time to experiment and learn from various sources. In fact, if you have years of time to learn, you can close this tab right away. You can learn for free by spending years of your time researching and figuring out on your own.

You want to rely on your gut feeling & opinion more than proper mentors and experts on what to learn and how to learn technologies of today. We focus on the facts and what works in industry, not on our ego.

You care more about learning the latest hot tech than you care about building core web development knowledge. We focus on owning a tech stack, not necessarily learning every new hot tech out there.

You're looking for “overnight” success. This learning path will definitely help you build amazing full stack skills companies will love to hire, but magic formulas simply don't exist. You have to put in work.

This program is FOR YOU if…

You're a student, working professional, someone trying to change career to programming, growth or someone looking to get more technical who cares about learning how to build and ship awesome products.

You like web and building products. While this program could help anyone trying to get into programming, our lessons are designed for people who love to build and ship highest quality software with a solid tech stack: React, Vercel, GitHub CI, B2C, Vitest, etc.

You have a strong bias toward action and want real results. You like to implement what you learn instead of just reading or watching theory lessons. With hands-on practice, you'll become faster at finding the gaps and more confident in the solutions you create.

You want timeless learnings & assets that'll help you solve complex problems in your daily work long after you finish the course.

You want to add “full stack” to your toolbox, to become the go-to “full stack person” in your company, or just stand out as a potential candidate for your dream job.

Full Stack Masterclass

Get Your Access Now.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Self-paced course (Lifetime access)

  • Learn: courses, videos, summaries

  • Practice: exercises, community

  • Apply: challenges, templates, faqs

  • Certification

  • Weekly Challenges

  • 24x7 Community Support

  • Get roadmaps, cheatsheets, etc

  • Job Support

  • Lifetime updates

Money back guarantee

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with the learning path after giving it an honest try, just email support@codedamn.com before:

  • the 7th day following your purchase, and...
  • before you complete the 4th module.

We'll quickly and promptly refund your entire payment.
We want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.

(PS: there's a 99.2% chance you'll be satisfied based on previous enrollments.)

Course Reviews

Here's what students think of the program.

In my experience, @codedamncom is an incredibly effective tool for learning how to code and building skills as a programmer and developer. They give out detailed structured curriculums along with doing some amazing projects. I notice myself becoming more productive and improving.

See Bhumika Chauhan's other Tweets

The reason I didn't take any free course is that this paid course is letting me keep track of my progress (I have attached a screenshot for the same). It contains the right videos for the content that I need to learn Solidity.

See Tanishka Borkar✨'s other Tweets

If you are planning to buy a course for full-stack. I would suggest go with a @codedamncom free resources. Their resources are more than enough to get started and once you feel confident then only purchase their pro package. Which is worth the money I believe. #100DaysofCode

See Pritam Chougale's other Tweets

The whole curriculum is so structured, interactive to learn by watching videos, Quizzes, Code Labs and building projects in Playgrounds itself having a great fun🥳 Salute to @mehulmpt 🫡

See AshLuvCode❤️‍🔥's other Tweets

Codedamn's courses are very resourceful, apart from the knowledge gained I'll be getting a certification at the end of the course, which will go a long way giving the fact that am a student ^_^.

See Fumudukus's other Tweets

To be really honest, I am addicted to codedamn! It's a one-of-a-kind platform and I feel myself being more productive and improving a lot when I learn with codedamn. Thanks for this amazing platform @mehulmpt!

See Indrajit's other Tweets

just completed codedamn's javascript course. it's really beginner-friendly and its mini exercises are good to practice what you have studied at the same time. keep up the good work @codedamncom 🤗

See Anurag Srivastava's other Tweets

I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture + playground to code is difficult to find. But codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective even quality of contents is unmatchable and helped me many times in understanding full stack courses concept in depth..

See Ashish Kumar's other Tweets

Codedamn deserve everything.
It's the best platform to learn web development

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Your other options.

If you're thinking of joining but still evaluating other options, here are some of the closest alternatives:


We encourage you to read. But there are so many development books to read that it can take years to cover the basics. And unfortunately, there are rarely any books are focused on hands-on-learning. So you might still struggle to apply the theory to your work.

Traditional Bootcamps

Bootcamps have been popular in the past decade. Short in nature, they simply can't go in much depth and have little focus on full stack. You get a nice certificate, but you're stuck with general tactics.

University Degree

Education is great but expensive. Plus, most degrees are 2+ years long and aren't designed for practical, real-world applications. That's why many students look for alternatives even after they graduate.

Online Resources

Some tutorials are good for giving you an initial push into the field. But that's still a short-term solution. Educating yourself on full stack development will have a better long-term impact for a fraction of the price.


Frequently asked questions.


Any questions?

We're here to help.

We're confident you'll love the course (hence our no-brainer guarantee). But if you're still on the fence, we'll be happy to answer your questions.