Announcing $175K seed round to fuel codedamn's mission

Announcing $175K seed round to fuel codedamn's mission

Excited to announce that codedamn has raised $175K from Antler and is now a portfolio company of Antler Global.

Starting as a YouTube channel in 2015 to a full-blown platform allowing you to learn to code in browser, we've come a long way - and there's a long way to go. Here's how we intend to spend the money:

  1. Awesome talent - are you someone who's good with product/marketing/tech? Will you want to join a rockstar team to work on interesting business problems? Come work with us!
  2. Content creators - these are the people who will build further learning verticals on codedamn. We're already working on full-stack learning path. Want to take a different vertical, say blockchain development? Contact us!
  3. Marketing and outreach

Thank you so much for putting your trust in codedamn.

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