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Interactive courses
Unlike regular video platform courses, when you start your course on codedamn, you get hands-on practice and projects bundled in for the best learning experience.
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Clear-cut video content along with interactive labs, quizzes and articles to help you learn better, faster and more efficently than any other platform out there.
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Purchasing the codedamn pro plan grants you access to unlimited coding practise on codedamn playgrounds. Boot a playground within seconds and start writing code.
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Every course comes with a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume, LinkedIn profile and codedamn profile to help showcase your skillset with credibility.

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Includes every feature we offer to help you kickstart your developer journey. Supercharge your learning for 2023 without breaking the bank.

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@codedamn is a super slick platform that teaches the in-demand tech stacks. It's great to start with because thepractice exercises can be completed in the browser itself using a super cool IDE 👾”

Jess Klette, Software engineer and social worker

Immersive and interactive learning

Each course is built using a tried-and-true approach, and is designed with the student's experience in mind. It includes strong learning concepts, challenging quizzes, interactive practice labs, and lifelong access to the future courses, giving you access to all the resources you need to transform your career.


Get unstuck instantly!

Get all of your questions answered right away and learn without boundaries. We have harnessed the power of ChatGPT to deliver 24/7 AI-powered doubt assistance!


Learn, Practice, Complete.

We believe applied learning is the most effective when it comes to programming. Interactive labs are designed to make you apply the concepts you learn in your course.


Start coding in seconds!

We've left no scope for tutorial hell on codedamn. Get into programming what you learn in the videos blazingly fast using picture-in-picture mode! *Available on select courses.


Assess your progress

Conceptual understanding is important while learning programming. Our interactive quizzes are designed to test your comprehension and help you assess yourself.

Carefully curated learning paths

We've spent months developing well-structured roadmaps with substantial content to ensure that your time is spent progressing in the technologies you want to learn. Learn everything shown in these learning paths as well as much more! When you go Pro.

Deploy applications end-to-end, use CI/CD, learn to write code that scales, and more.

Testing w/ PlaywrightBackend starts from servers, & we'll startfrom there - Linux OS & work with bash CLI& start your backend journey with Node.jsuseState & useEffectMaking an app is very different from making a production-ready app.This part covers what it takes to build one.React is a great UI library.Learn about the best ecosystem oflibraries in React & eventually, master React.Advanced React Hooks5 React ProjectsCreating a HeroTodo List ApplicationQuiz AppSpace News APIVideo Game APIDesign Patterns in ReactAdvanced React ConceptsNPM & YarnLearn to code interactively using onlyyour browser. Practice labs and projects:https://codedamn.comInternet FundamentalsHTML/CSSHTML5/CSS3 BasicsFlexboxCSS PositionCSS GridProjectsInternet & DNSHTTPAdvanced HTML/CSSJavaScript EssentialsAdvanced Practical JavaScriptChrome DevToolsFrontend/Backend ToolingNode VersioningNPM ModulesNPM DependenciesNPM ScriptsIntroduction to React.jsuseSWRReact FundamentalsTailwind CSS FundamentalsWorking with StateProjectsTailwind UtilitiesLayoutsHTML5 ConceptsAdvanced CSS3CSS3 Media QueriesCSS AnimationsProjectsDOMModern JavaScriptPromisesPrototypal InheritanceDOM & EventsObjectsProjectsConsole TabSources TabNetworks TabElements TabAdvanced React.jsAdvanced JavaScriptDesign PatternsState ManagementRendering PatternsPerformance UpgradeWhen working with frontend & backend,We need access to common tools-Git, npm, yarn & moreJS Under the HoodAdvanced Theoretical JavaScriptECMAScriptDOM OverviewJS RuntimesV8 EngineEvent LoopTesting & Skill EvaluationFrontend Certification ExaminationProduction-Ready PracticesBuilding Production Apps w/ Next.jsTypeScript FundamentalsCaching w/ RedisAdvanced Next.js ConceptsStylingNext.js APIsRoutingServer-Side RenderingStatic Site GenerationServer-Side RenderingOfficial CertificationFull Stack Certification ExamFull Stack Real Interview QuestionsLearn About how JavaScripts worksUnder the hood and advanced parts of itBasics of FrontendBasics of WebFinal certification exams forfull stack web developer learning pathTopicCourseModuleFull Stack Web DevelopmentComing Soon!Intro. to Backend Web DevNode.js FundamentalsLinux FundamentalsCommon CommandsNano Text EditorShell Scripting BasicsCommonJS Module SystemES6 Module SystemServersNode.js, MongoDB, GraphQLAdvanced Node.js ConceptsWorking with MongoDBUnderstanding GraphQLNode.js InternalsThreadpool in libuvEvent LoopMongoose BasicsCRUD with MongoDBJWT AuthenticationGraphQL LanguageGraphQL API w/ NodeJSGraphQL In ReactJSAdvanced GraphQLDatabases, a backend language & APIs arethe most important parts of backend web dev.API CachingRate LimitingCI/CD w/ GitHub ActionsYAMLGithub ActionsWriting Secure Web AppsFrontend Web SecurityBackend Web SecurityTests & AssertionsDebuggingPage Object ModelReportingWorkflows21412321231234121212123123456Version Control SystemBranchesMergingLocal RepositoryRemote RepositoryPull Requests1

Learn from the Industry Experts

We have onboarded a stellar network of instructors whose educational content we trust and admire. With a pro subscription, you can enroll in any of their courses and improve your skills as a developer.

Photo of Brad Traversy

Brad Traversy

Fullstack Web Developer, Founder at Traversy Media, Educator (8yr+ experience)

Photo of Derek Banas

Derek Banas

Ex-Apple Engineer, Online Educator (10yr+ experience), 100M YouTube Views

Photo of Hussein Nasser

Hussein Nasser

GIS Specialist, Backend Engineer & YouTuber

Developers <3 codedamn

We're proud to have an active community of over 150k developers who are learning interactively through codedamn. We're glad that they're proud of us too!

  • The whole curriculum is so structured, interactive to learn by watching videos, Quizzes, Code Labs and building projects in playgrounds itself having a great fun🥳

    Ashish Raj
  • I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture + playground to code is difficult to find. codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective even quality of contents is unmatchable...

    Bhumika Chauhan
  • If you are learning to code, pls checkout @codedamncom already. They are building a killer ecosystem. Really amazed to see what they have brought in the last 6 months. 🤯

    Riten (
Mehul Mohal - Founder of codedamn

Mehul Mohan - Founder and CEOLet me show you the best way to
scale your career as a developer

  • 👥 Spent 10+ years learning and teaching programming
  • 📈 Authored two books, won the fully funded Apple WWDC’19 scholarship and earned my name in Google & Microsoft Hall of Fame
  • 🌎 Created a platform that helps 150K+ developers to learn programming interactively and become job-ready

Codedamn is a place for developers like you to learn programming interactively and sharpen your skills to become job-ready. With codedamn pro, you unlock ALL the courses on the platform with 100+ projects and a community of 150K+ aspiring developers. Grab the opportunity, transform and become the best programmer.Because if not now, when?

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