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codedamn's Frontend Web Developer 70 Day Accelerator

You want to be a frontend web developer FAST in 70 days?

Not possible.

That's what they say. But have you, like ever, been mentored properly, with right resources, direction, and help?

  • Samuel's 69% special price activated. Only for Samuel's audience.

  • Access to closed WhatsApp community for support and doubts

  • Your instructor for the full accelerator 10 week program - Mehul Mohan

  • Intense, like super intense 10 week program to hyper-accelerate your way into frontend web development

  • All video courses unlocked as 1337 member

  • All hands-on practice modules unlocked as 1337 member

  • My WhatsApp number for mentorship/doubts

The Definitive Guide to
Frontend Web Developer

In order to participate in the accelerator program, you must be a codedamn 1337 premium member. This is a monthly subscription originally priced at ₹999 per month or $13.37/month.

You can upgrade your account at 69% special price using this link. Once you upgrade, you will shortly receive an email with my WhatsApp number. Within a day, you will receive the invite for WhatsApp group for the accelerator.

I run a 140K subscriber YouTube channel with over 8 years of "experience". I will show you exactly how to get started as a frontend web developer in 2021. The learning path timeline looks as follows:

  • Starts from very basics.

  • Comes with hands-on projects and high quality video courses for every technology we learn.

  • Week 1 - HTTP Fundamentals, HTML5 and CSS3 basics with hands-on practice exercises

  • Week 2 - CSS3 layout system, DOM, JavaScript basic concepts, building car runner game, tetris game with 10 more projects using HTML + CSS + JavaScript

  • Week 3 - Introduction to React, Chrome DevTools, Git VCS, Advanced CSS/HTML concepts - filter, variables, advanced selectors, specificity.

  • Week 4 - Building 6 projects from scratch in React, 10 vanilla JavaScript projects.

  • Week 5 - Restaurants menu, Accordion page, and more projects hands-on with React on codedamn. Learning more about advanced HTML5/CSS3 patterns

  • Week 6 - Creating UI clones of popular websites like TikTok, Amazon, Tinder, Netflix, Google incrementally. This will not be a video course, but a hands-on practical implementation.

  • Week 7 - Discussing advanced React patterns and React hooks with video course. Building simple projects on the side.

  • Week 8 - Building and practicing more React projects. Publishing all existing projects on GitHub with live sharable URL.

  • Week 9 - Exploring Material UI and other UI systems. Creating robust and performant React apps is no joke - and we will learn exactly how to do that.

  • Week 10 - Exploring next steps - with Next.js / TypeScript and introduction to backend programming.

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Meet your
Accelerator Instructor

Apple Scholar / Google HoF

Hi everyone! My name is Mehul Mohan. You might have heard about codedamn YouTube channel through I've been educating millions for people FOR YEARS online through my YouTube channel and this platform. I'm not just a teacher, I'm an active developer myself, who visisted it to San Francisco, USA, from India, using code as a tool, thanks to WWDC'19.

Having about 8 year experience of coding and industry, and building something as complicated as codedamn platform, I can confidently say you're in good company. Let's get you started.

Mehul Mohan - CEO, codedamn

This is not the first batch
but probably is the last

"Great content! I needed content to explain how JavaScript works under the hood and this course does it very well. Thanks and I hope you make more content on this topic, how JavaScript works!"

Laurentiu Popa

(Frontend Batch December 2020)
"You can't beat it for the price! You get tuts, exercises, projects, playground, roadmaps for whatever you want to study. Take out all the fluff and just work in what you really need to learn"

Shawn Hinton

(Frontend Batch December 2020)
"I simply cannot overstate how important it is to have an experienced mentor early on in your life, that is willing to offer you tailored feedback and catalyse your success. This can accelerate your learning journey (exposure & experience) & career in ways you cannot even fathom."


(Frontend Batch December 2020)
"I recently got a good wfh internship as a Ui developer. I started working yesterday Working on codedamn consistently helped me a lot, Thank you for taking me into the Front end accelerator program 😁✌️"


(Frontend Batch December 2020)

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