Become a frontend developer

Learning one of the most demanded skillset of the industry has never been so streamlined. This is your chance to join codedamn to expand your skillset with the best instructors and services available on the platform

  • Starts from scratch

  • complete learning path, not just another course

  • Hands on practice projects

  • Self to-do assignments

  • Staff mentorship support when you're stuck

  • Discord community of 1,500+ active learners

  • Platform community of 21,826+ active learners

The Definitive Guide to Frontend Development

codedamn will show you exactly how to become a great frontend developer. The learning path timeline looks as follows:

  • Starts from HTML/CSS basics

  • Cover projects with HTML5 and CSS3

  • Cover  basic JavaScript concepts next

  • We learn about  Version Control System (git) 

  • Does npm or yarn ring a bell? We cover package managers too

  • Setting up big projects can be a lot of work. Take webpack bundler with you

  • Pick one and stick with it: ReactVue, or Angular with you

  • It's time make beautiful and interactive websites with Tailwind CSSBootstrap, or Material UI. Choose your poison

  • We cover under-the-hood (advanced) aspects of JavaScript - Event LoopTask/Microtask queues, and how V8 works. Some theory is fun!

  • All of this baked in with hands on practice with codedamn codelabs

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Meet some of your Course Instructors

Apple Scholar / Google HoF

Hi everyone! My name is Mehul Mohan. I've been educating millions for people FOR YEARS online through my YouTube channel and this platform. I'm not just a teacher, I'm an active developer myself, who made it to San Francisco, USA, from India only through coding.

Having an 8 year experience of coding and industry, and building something as complicated as codedamn platform, trust me, you're in good company. Let's get you started with all the knowledge I have!

Mehul Mohan - CEO, codedamn

The frontend Game Developer

Hi fellow coders! My name is Ania and I am a software developer and YouTuber who loves to make all sorts of retro online games. I specialize in JavaScript and JavaScript logic, and find that games are a great way to practise your JS skills.

By the end of my tutorials you will have a great basic version of a game that you are free to take and make your own. Please do share your finished games with me on YouTube and twitter, I would absolutely love to see how you have styled them and taken them to that extra level. You can find me on @ania_kubow or youtube/ania_kubow as well

Anna Kubow - Practical JS creator at codedamn

Techie and multi-hyphenate creative

Hello all! My name is Anna Skoulikari. And my speciality is Git version control. I come from a multidisciplinary background, having first studied economics then design before ultimately deciding to learn to code!

And now I bring all my skills together in order to teach Git version control, an essential skill for any developer! I have designed my course especially for beginners and I have achieved to make it simple and understandable while still providing a lot of information. It has received highest ratings and has helped hundreds of developers finally wrap their heads around how Git works so I hope it will help you too! So let's Git started!

Anna Skoulikari - VCS and Git creator at codedamn

And it works like crazy...says our 21,826+ developers

"Great content! I needed content to explain how JavaScript works under the hood and this course does it very well. Thanks and I hope you make more content on this topic, how JavaScript works!"

Laurentiu Popa

"You can't beat it for the price! You get tuts, exercises, projects, playground, roadmaps for whatever you want to study. Take out all the fluff and just work in what you really need to learn"

Shawn Hinton

"Awesome course! I have always observed that in your content, you tell so many minute important things which usually I have not learnt in any other tutorials."

Ishumita Mohan

"I just love it. This programmer's community you created is pure love ❤. This has helped me a lot, seriously. You're an inspiration to many of our batchmates. You seriously rock ^_^ Instead of a DM on discord, I thought you'll love reading an email about the wonderful work you're doing :) Keep up the good work and may codedamn grow a lot ❤"

Satej Bidvai

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YES! I want to become an AWESOME Frontend DeveloperGet access to our 1337 (leet) membership for Only ₹999!