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Freelance Web Developer

As a 1337 member of codedamn, you will be able to follow along this timeline, complete tasks, and monitor your developer journey through this learning path. We're continuously updating and adding content to this learning path, so you never get behind!

  • Step #1

    Freelancing Introduction

    Before starting, let's learn about what all is possible in the freelancing world

      What is Freelancing?
      How much can you earn?
      What to learn?
  • Step #2

    Making your first $100

    Your first $100 would be the hardest. Let's see how to make them

      Freelancing websites
      Approaching Buyers
      Building buyer trust
      Recurring buyers
  • Step #3

    Skill Building

    Now you have knowledge about buyers and how to approach. But what will you offer them?

      What are you selling?
      Most in-demand technologies
      How to expand your skills?
  • Step #4

    Web Development

    Let's quickly have some relevant web development skillsets here for you to start

  • Step #5


    You could offer best services in the world. Nobody would buy it if people don't know. How do you market your services?

      Pricing Gigs
      Social Media
      Organic Traffic