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Learn to code interactively using onlyyour browser. Practice labs and projects:https://codedamn.comData Structures & AlgorithmsBasics of ProgrammingHello WorldArraysVariablesData TypesLoopsBasic Data StructuresObject Oriented Programming Structure - OOPSDesign PrinciplesDesign PatternsForWhileDo WhileMultidimensional ArraysDynamic Size ArraysHashMapsSetsDRYKISSSOLIDSingletonBuilderBridgeFactoryAdapterProxyCommandIteratorObserverConditional StatementsBuilding Blocks of DSATime & Space ComplexitiesNumber SystemBit OperatorsBinary OperationsConstantLinearLogarithmicQuadraticCubicBinaryDecimalConversionLeft ShiftsRight ShiftsCount BitsANDORNOTXORLinear Data StructuresNon-Linear Data StructuresAlgorithmsSortingSearchingString ManipulationsBubble SortInsertion SortQuick SortSelection SortMerge SortCounting SortBucket SortLinear SearchBinary SearchTernary SearchJump SearchExponential SearchReverse StringsRotate StringsRemove StringsInsert StringsTopicConceptCourseStringLongDoubleIntegerBooleanBigIntNon-Primitive Data TypesintcharlongfloatbooleandoublePrimitive Data TypesLocal VariablesInstance VariablesStatic Variablesif; if else; else;Switch StatementTenrary OperatorClassesObjectsStatic vs. Non Static MembersGetters & SettersComponentsAbstractionPolymorphismInheritanceEncapsulationPillarsReverse StringReverse StackRedundant BracketsImportant QuestionsUsing O(n) SpaceUsing O(1) SpaceMin StackStacksQueuesHashMapsHash FunctionsHash TablesLinear ProbingQuadratic ProbingDouble HashingNormal StackTwo StackNormal QueuesQueues with StacksPriority QueuesDouble Ended QueuesCircular QueuesSingly Linked ListDoubly Linked ListCircular Linked ListLinked Lists TypesStatic ArraysUnion of 2 ArraysRotating ArraysMerging ArraysIntermediateStatic ArraysDynamic Sized ArraysAdd,remove,update ReversingSearchingBasicsArraysLinked ListsReversingCyclic DetectionCyclic Detc. & RemovalPair SwappingRemoving DuplicatesBreadth First SearchDepth First SearchTraversalsAdjacency MatrixCyclic DetectionKahn's AlgorithmAdjacency ListTopological SortingWeighted GraphsShortest Path AlgorithmDirected GraphsCyclinc DetectionDijkstra's AlgorithmSpanning TreesMinimum Spanning TreePrim's AlgorithmUndirected GraphsHeapsGraphsMin HeapMax HeapHeapifyAVL TreesLeft RotationsRight RotationsLeft Right RotationsRight Left RotationsTraversalsPre-Order TraversalPost-Order TraversalIn-Order TraversalMorris TraversalSearchingBreadth-First SearchDepth-First SearchTreesTriesDiameter of TreeBoundary TraversalLCA of Tree ZIG ZAG TraversalVertical Order TraversalFlatten Binary TreeAdvancedString Auto-CompleteLongest Common PrefixRecursionIntroductionMemory StackFibonacci SeriesClimb StairsSay DigitsReverse StringCheck PalindromeImportant QuestionsAdvanced QuestionsSubset / Sequence of a stringPhone keypad problemPermutation of a StringRat in Maze

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In my experience, @codedamncom is an incredibly effective tool for learning how to code and building skills as a programmer and developer. They give out detailed structured curriculums along with doing some amazing projects. I notice myself becoming more productive and improving.

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The reason I didn't take any free course is that this paid course is letting me keep track of my progress (I have attached a screenshot for the same). It contains the right videos for the content that I need to learn Solidity.

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If you are planning to buy a course for full-stack. I would suggest go with a @codedamncom free resources. Their resources are more than enough to get started and once you feel confident then only purchase their pro package. Which is worth the money I believe. #100DaysofCode

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The whole curriculum is so structured, interactive to learn by watching videos, Quizzes, Code Labs and building projects in Playgrounds itself having a great fun🥳 Salute to @mehulmpt 🫡

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Codedamn's courses are very resourceful, apart from the knowledge gained I'll be getting a certification at the end of the course, which will go a long way giving the fact that am a student ^_^.

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To be really honest, I am addicted to codedamn! It's a one-of-a-kind platform and I feel myself being more productive and improving a lot when I learn with codedamn. Thanks for this amazing platform @mehulmpt!

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just completed codedamn's javascript course. it's really beginner-friendly and its mini exercises are good to practice what you have studied at the same time. keep up the good work @codedamncom 🤗

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I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture + playground to code is difficult to find. But codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective even quality of contents is unmatchable and helped me many times in understanding full stack courses concept in depth..

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Codedamn deserve everything.
It's the best platform to learn web development

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