Welcome to the XDC Basics of Blockchain Workshop - Advanced Concepts! We hope you will learn a lot from this workshop.

This is the second part of the two part workshop, where we will dive into more advanced concepts. This part is designed for people who have some prior experience with coding. If you have not done the free first part of this workshop yet, it is highly recommended that you do, as this part builds on the concepts taught there. Link to the first part -

In this part, will dive into three major things:

  1. Deploying a complex smart contract onto the XDC Test network using Metamask, and interacting with it once it has been deployed. You will also learn about the various kinds of functions that exist within smart contracts.
  2. Exploring how a blockchain's API can be used to query it for block information, like the latest block or the number of transactions within a particular block.
  3. Setting up a full blockchain node on your computer.

On successfully completing this part of the workshop, you will also get a certificate of completion.

Note - If you have any doubts about anything taught in this course, feel free to leave the questions as comments in the last article of the course (titled Doubts). The instructor and members from the XDC team will periodically check them to solve any doubts you may have.

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1 exercises - 2min

Set Up a Full Node

1 videos - 4min

Doubt Clearing

1 exercises - 1min
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