The get method returns __________

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20 videos 31 exercises - 160min
1. IntroductionPending 1min2. What is a Dictionary?Pending 5min3. Dictionary CreationPending 5min4. QuizPending 1min5. Dictionary MethodsPending 2min6. QuizPending 1min7. Ditionary Fromkeys FunctionPending 4min8. Dictionary Fromkeys FunctionPending 5min9. Dictionary Keys MethodPending 2min10. Dictionary Keys MethodPending 5min11. Dictionary Get MethodPending 2min12. Dictionary Get MethodPending 5min13. QuizPending 1min14. Dictionary Secondary Get MethodPending 2min15. QuizPending 1min16. Dictionary Secondary Get MethodPending 5min17. Keys and ValuesPending 5min18. Dictionary Values MethodPending 2min19. Dictionary Values MethodPending 5min20. QuizPending 1min21. Dictionary Items MethodPending 2min22. Dictionary Items MethodPending 5min23. Dictionary MembershipPending 2min24. QuizPending 1min25. Dictionary MembershipPending 5min26. Looping Through A DictionaryPending 4min27. Looping Through a DictionaryPending 5min28. Dictionary Combination of skillsPending 5min29. Dictionary Pop MethodPending 3min30. QuizPending 1min31. Dictionary Pop MethodPending 5min32. Dictionary Popitem MethodPending 3min33. QuizPending 1min34. Dictionary Popitem MethodPending 5min35. Dictionary SetDefault MethodPending 5min36. QuizPending 1min37. Dictionary Setdefault MethodPending 5min38. Dictionary Update MethodPending 3min39. Dictionary Update MethodPending 5min40. QuizPending 1min41. Dictionary Update Method 2Pending 5min42. Dictionary Copy MethodPending 1min43. Dictionary Copy MethodPending 5min44. Dictionary Clear MethodPending 1min45. QuizPending 1min46. QuizPending 1min47. Dictionary More Ways With Keys and ValuesPending 3min48. Dictionary Increament ValuesPending 5min49. Dictionary Incrementing values of a dicitonaryPending 5min50. Dictionary Incrementing values of a dictionary 2Pending 5min51. Dictionary ConclusionPending 1min


26 videos 41 exercises - 243min
52. String IntroductionPending 1min53. What is a String?Pending 1min54. Create a StringPending 5min55. QuizPending 1min56. Concatenate with a list of stringsPending 5min57. String Sub-string MembershipPending 3min58. QuizPending 1min59. Testing if a string is a member of a stringPending 5min60. Testing a list of stringsPending 5min61. String Index MethodPending 6min62. Indexing sub-stringsPending 5min63. QuizPending 1min64. String Count MethodPending 4min65. String Count MethodPending 5min66. Indexing Sub-strings FunctionPending 5min67. String Find MethodPending 3min68. String Find MethodPending 5min69. QuizPending 1min70. String Find FunctionPending 5min71. String Split MethodPending 4min72. QuizPending 1min73. String Split MethodPending 5min74. String Join MethodPending 4min75. String Join MethodPending 5min76. String List SplitPending 3min77. QuizPending 1min78. String Endswith ChallengePending 4min79. Does String end with "ed"Pending 5min80. String Endswith MethodPending 2min81. Change A String to Past TensePending 5min82. String Startswith ChallengePending 2min83. Starts with a VowelPending 5min84. String Startswith MethodPending 1min85. Test For PrefixesPending 5min86. QuizPending 1min87. String Replace MethodPending 3min88. Replace all the spacesPending 5min89. String QuotationsPending 5min90. QuizPending 1min91. String StripPending 2min92. String Strip MethodPending 5min93. QuizPending 1min94. String Is MethodsPending 8min95. String Islower MethodPending 5min96. Testing PasswordsPending 5min97. QuizPending 1min98. Only NumbersPending 5min99. String Format MethodPending 3min100. String FormattingPending 5min101. String F-StringPending 3min102. QuizPending 1min103. FstringPending 5min104. String Center MethodPending 3min105. Centering A StringPending 5min106. String Partition MethodPending 3min107. String PartitionPending 5min108. String Ljust / Lstrip MethodsPending 5min109. Pad a String with Trailing ***Pending 5min110. String Rfind / Rsplit MethodsPending 5min111. Find the last occurrence of a sub-stringPending 5min112. String Rindex / Rjust MethodsPending 3min113. Locate the First and Last Occurrence of Sub-StringPending 5min114. QuizPending 1min115. Padding the beginning of a stringPending 5min116. String Rstrip / Rpartition MethodsPending 4min117. Strip Trailing SpacesPending 5min118. String ConclusionPending 1min

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