Introduction to full-stack learning path

Introduction to full-stack learning path

Hello! I (Mehul Mohan) am writing this article as one of the creators of full-stack learning path on codedamn. I'm proud of what our team has produced and will continue to do so, and I sincerely hope you'd have as much fun learning to code as we had creating, polishing, refining and putting together all this content.

Programming is fun, crazy powerful, and a gateway to controlling the technology around you. The road is long, but the steps are always small. Always remember, systems are powerful than goals. Learning 1 hour daily is a system, becoming full-stack developer in 2 weeks is a goal. Build systems of learning for yourself.

Helpful tips

  1. Join our discord community for any help/interaction you need with free and Pro members.
  2. Leave comments under video if you have a doubt/suggestion. This helps future learners and us to make better content.
  3. Practice and complete all hands-on projects and special codedamn labs you find. Practice is the only secret to become an absolutely outstanding developer.

And most importantly, enjoy your journey! Let's go!