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Build a project/concept on codedamn playgrounds
Explain your project/concept code in a reel format. (Previewcodedamn playgrounds in your reels)
Create as many reels as you want. (More reels = more chances of winning)
Submit your reels by 31st October 2022. (Reels will be evaluated on 15th November, followed by results)

Share your project with the rest of the world.
create/modify your project into a mini course by adding challenges and instructions and share it with us!

Build an exciting project on your own or choose an existing projects you have already built
Break your project into multiple steps & write the challenges & instructions for each of them, following this guide
Create a pull request on our codedamn projects repo
We'll review your project at the end of this month & you will get your t-shirt when your PR gets merged!
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Getting Started w/ Web Development

OCT 10, 2022

Coming Soon!

OCT 15, 2022

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OCT 22, 2022

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OCT 30, 2022

Codedamn is an interactive learn-to-code platform which helps you get your first job or internship by completing courses, solving labs and building hands-on-projects. Codedamn gives you a rich experience of coding through an in-browser IDE where you can code right away.