What is bootstrap

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  1. what is bootstrap

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    In computer science, "bootstrap" refers to the process of starting up a computer or software system. More specifically, "bootstrapping" refers to the series of steps that a computer or software system goes through when it is first powered on or started up, including loading the operating system and initializing hardware and software components.

    In statistics, "bootstrap" is a resampling technique that is used to estimate the uncertainty of a statistical model or estimator. This technique involves creating multiple samples (or "bootstrapped samples") from the original data set by sampling with replacement. These bootstrapped samples are then used to estimate the variability of the statistic of interest.

    Bootstrap is also the name of a popular front-end web development framework that allows developers to easily create responsive and mobile-first web designs. It includes pre-built CSS and JavaScript components that can be used to quickly create user interfaces and web applications.


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