What does Karma points do?

Asked by Krish Aryan about 2 years ago


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    We would have a detailed page on what karma points is and how they'll work, but in general:

    • The basic concept of karma is the reward you get when you help others
    • When you ask/answer questions, invite others, chat and help on discord, or do anything that contributes back to community, you earn karma coins from codedamn.
    • With more karma coins, you'll unlock more administrative/moderation tool on codedamn, be recognized as a community expert, even unlock special benefits (limited edition swags, Pro membership giveaways, early features).

    We're working on all of the things, releasing gradually over the time. Hope that helps!


    Mehul Mohan



    Check this out for more info about Karma


    Vikrant Bhat


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