Switching to BlockChain Development

Asked by Sagar Poudel about 2 years ago


How can a normal web2 developer switch to web3 development with existing his/her skills like react, js, node js and many more. Is it easy to switch to web3 as you are already a web2 developer or you have to learn all the new things from scratch?

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    Web3 and Web2 have some similarities,In Web3 we use Smart Contracts written in Solidity as Backend But the Frontend can be a normal Web Page built with HTML,CSS&Js or React .To connect both the Frontend and Backend we use WEB3.JS an Ethereum Javascript API So If you are a Frontend Developer you need to learn Solidity from scratch to write Smart Contracts which are used as Backend & Web3.Js as an API to Build Awesome Decentralised Apps(DApps)


    Avinash Malothu


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