Suggestion needed for Production Web App using nextjs

Asked by Salman Ghouri about 2 years ago


I want to make Real Estate Website Using Next as frontend and still i am confuse which backend i can use to develop 1-Strapi 2-Mongodb 3-ghost

Because I am beginner . Kindly guide . if another backend is beneficial for Real Estate web app kindly tell.

Webapp Traffic Arround : 5k to 7k a month.. Thanks

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    It depend on the scope of work you want to be focused,

    if you want to be more on front-end part go with Firebase, Supabase, amplify etc..., if you want to add blog to your site go with headless cms, contentful, firecms, strapi etc..., if you want to manage the extra hussle of maintining database you can go with MongoDb, with vercel you can now directly integrate mongo to your Nextjs project.

    There's a lot of tool to achieve the desired outcome, there's is no right or wrong but how comfartable you feel when using that tool.

    So just pick one start building with it, eventually you will know what is the right one for you.


    Shahroon Farooqi


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