React Basic Course- 33 Populating static list data

Asked by Kitt Cheung about a year ago


Im having a hard time figuring out what Im doing wrong. I cant pass the last challenge:

"You should use "people" prop in List component to pass the data and it should display the names"

this is what Ive so far: `import React from 'react'

const List = (props) => { const {people} = props return ( <> <h2>list component</h2> </> ) }

export default List`

what am I missing?

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    You are partially correct. You have to always map from a raw object or array before re initializing it.

    const List = (props) => { const { people } = props

    return => {
    	const { id, name, age, image } = person
    	return <article />



    Hardick Chatterjee


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