Playground not running

Asked by Abirami about a year ago


My playground is not running. It says connection lost. I tried several times. What's the issue?

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    Hi, playgrounds are functioning properly from our end. Can you please check the following:

    1. Does the playground not load in the incognito window too (with no adblocker/extensions enabled)?
    2. If not, can you try changing the network once (to a mobile hotspot or a different WiFi)? this could be an issue with your internet provider / your computer.
    3. Please try again using a different browser instead
    4. DNS problem : this could be an issue regarding DNS, please change the DNS on you computer to (Cloudflare) or (Google)
    5. Try connection to a different network (if you are on a broadband try using mobile data)

    If any of the mentioned steps does not work, please let us know.


    Pranav Mandava


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