Learn Node.js 17 From Scratch #24 Book Directory Project with Node.js Delete Route Test

Asked by Kevin K. about 2 years ago



I'm trying to get the test for the delete route passed for the #24 Book Directory Project in Learn Node.js 17 From Scratch course, but the following code doesn't pass the test. The test says that it expects a 404 status but gets a 200.

Even if I put res.sendStatus(404) for the whole route, the test says that it's getting a 200 status.

I think the testing code is checking the GET /books/:id route by mistake.

Please confirm, thank you.

router.delete('/books/:id', function (req, res) { // add code const { id } = req.params; const bookIdx = booksDirectory.findIndex((book) => book.isbn === id); if (bookIdx > -1) { booksDirectory.splice(bookIdx, 1); res.send(The book with the ID of ${id} has been deleted.); return; }



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    There really was an error in the tests, which was checking the get route instead of the delete route.

    I got around the bug by setting a counter and running the code for the delete route inside the get route when the counter was greater than or equal to 3.

    I was then able to pass all the tests and get the certificate for the course.


    Kevin K.


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