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Asked by amit kumar about 2 years ago


i tried your free HTML CSS lecture and i must say i understood it in a good way. but since i had a background of programming a while back but now i want to resume on that and start a carrer as a full stack developer. and i must appreciate your passion and hardwork that you have shown towards it. so what i found was missing in your lecture is the basic of css and some part of html like in css you have not described about the layout (border, border-radius. and difference between em and rem and px and many more, i hope u understand and doing so i have to switch to goggle in order to search for that particular attributes, which ofcource break the rythem of learning from your base stuff, which is quite annoying (recently i faced it and im watching another html css video from but will resume very soon. so donot take it as a bitter comment from my end but what needed is a clear picture of html and css. i hope you would understand my scenario and would comment me back on this. The hardwork and passion towards enhancing others people to learn programming is a great deal of work your showing plz keep it this way and more more people will join you very soon.

Thanks Amit

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    Hey Amit, we appreciate you for taking time and listing out the specifics on where we can improve our content. We have added your feedback to our courses roadmap and will surely implement them.




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