Auto Running HTML files in server with for custom folder

Asked by MOHAMMED SHAHID about a year ago


Hi All, How to auto-run the server for custom folder created for HTML. Any specific cmd ? any config in .cmrc file ?

I tried with adding 'folderName/fileName.html' in tabs of .cmrc file, but it did'nt work.

I tried to reload the server, that as well did'nt fix. Any idea, what I might be doing wrong ? Thanks

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    We use static-server npm package to server html files.

    By simply typing static-server on the playground terminal you can iniate the http server, by doing this the static server takes the defualt arguments i.e. port = 3000 and file = index.html

    But, in codedamn playgrounds only the ports 1337 and 1338 are accessbile by users, so you have to define the port using the -p or --port flag

    Also to disable the static server from showing cached response we add the flag --no-cache

    So now to start the http server at a different html page you can make use of the flag -i or --index followed by the file location

    So your complete command would be

    static-server -p 1337 --no-cache --index folderName/filename.html

    You can add the same line in your .cdmrc file as well

    tabs: ['folderName/filename.html']
    terminal-one: static-server -p 1337 --no-cache --index folderName/filename.html

    If you want to know more about how to use our .cdmrc file you can read our blogpost

    Hope this helps you


    Pranav Mandava


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